TOY Espresso – Juice Bar



Toy Espresso is my favorite little place and currently my absolute chill zone!

Owned and operated by local successful business owner and entrepreneur Alisha toy.

Being extremely familiar with the area and experienced with her marketing strategies her interest was peaked when the ‘network video’owners vacated the premises. Alisha is an incredibly switched on woman and knew that the top recession-proof  industries to be in were health, fitness, power and pharmaceuticals.

Already looking at opportunities for a fitness studio but knowing it had to be something different to your average gym down the road, put in hours of research and trip’s to Sydney to certify that this was the right opportunity for her and then when just the right location popped up she tied her name to Xtend Barre.

Couple that with  Alisha’s previous successes with Toy Espresso /juice bar’s and knowledge gained from many years within the hospitality industry the plans were drawn up and so began her newest venture.

The location is perfect, situated on the corners of Port Rd and Tapleys Hill, minutes away from Port Adelaide/Semaphore. And for nonlocals, it’s close enough to the expressway and the city to warrant say a 15-minute drive to experience this unique and boutique fitness studio. Currently only 3 studios in South Australia.

Many business owners or investors see an opportunity to purchase a brand or create their own when a site becomes available, most go out on ‘let’s see what happen’s’ attitude because the price is right or the finances were available not even doing their homework or working within their own niche field.

And I believe this is what set’s Alisha Toy apart from the rest!

I have now sat in this establishment for a week, each day I come in with my ever so professional lilo and stitch computer bag which carries everything and anything apparently. I set up at my favorite table and I have the elixir of life (clearly coffee) brought over to me.

Whilst I sit sipping on my delicious and core nourishing hot drink waiting for the caffeine to fire me up I observe and listen to everything around me, from trainers to reception staff, and studio members to patrons. The atmosphere is warm and friendly, discussions are efficient, informative and heartfelt, I love it!

The passion expressed by the trainers is quite unique, right down to the poses the children are doing within the yoga classes. Are you kidding me? The only yoga pose I can pull off successfully is the – inflicted by alcohol downward rabbit!

The idea for Alisha was never to have an overly large cafe’just something small and cosy where you could have a juice or smoothly after class or stop past along your travels for a tasty homemade snack or small meal, Alisha make’s take away an easy option even going to the extent or individually wrapping focaccias and sandwiches in separate halves for driving convenience… How do I know? Yes, I personally tried this option, come on guy’s how could I refuse the trial of a toasted focaccia during Adelaide’s September super storm.

Watching the food preparation happen is a daily occurrence and I may have sampled nearly every one of the scrumptious, naughty but nice treats. Not even feeling guilty as they are all made from fresh raw ingredients. Yummmmm, another, please!

On one particular morning, I walked through the glass door’s feeling the beautiful sunshine on my skin to having my nose filled with that heartwarming, mouth-watering scent of a good lasagne being made. Yes, Alisha even makes that from scratch and I can assure you there were no jars in site!

I was offered the opportunity to try a fitness class – I graciously declined as let’s be honest that’s completely out of my comfort zone.

Unless it’s lifting weights or pretending that bike behind me is miraculously going to beat me to the end of the 30-minute class, I am not coordinated enough for that.

My time here at Toy Espresso and Xtend Barre has been extremely well spent, I have faith that this locally owned and family operated establishment will continue to prosper.

Thank you, Alisha, for taking such great care of that crazy girl sitting at table 2.


You can find her business information at:


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