Sometimes you make the greatest of friends in the most unexpected places.

I commonly refer to myself as a ‘Happy Hippie’ which helps me remind myself of my connection to Ghia…. Oh, I know where you thought I was going with that!

One of my biggest passions in life is the preservation of the environment, from every living creature still having its own place within this world.

Even though I would be happy with or without this 21st-century lifestyle I was born into, it’s really not a viable or an affordable option to live without power, cars or the technology that helps me keep this crazy life of mine in check.

My son reminds me on a daily basis whilst on our morning commute that car’s hurt the earth! Ah yes, thank you, son, for showing me how observant you have become… like I don’t feel bad enough.

So when the opportunity was brought to me to power my house with an energy company that would offset my footprint by 50% and allow my children and myself to support local and Australian wide sustainability events, and given my gypsy soul’s desire to travel I gave the only logical answer – Yes!

Often I’d wondered what exactly I could do to be more environmentally friendly and act on my desires to be earth conscious and as usual, the universe provided and placed this in my path.

Since joining the company I have met so many beautiful and uplifting people, the journey has been one that I’m humbled to be a part of. My first point of contact was a woman named Rikki Cooke who is one of the most brightly inspiring women I have ever met but there’s much more to her than her environmental mission, her support, and knowledge of how the education & mental health departments work had me getting quicker results than I’d ever  previously thought possible (I’ve been battling understanding my son’s behavioral issues for 3 year’s).

She introduced me to Mark who brings thing’s to life in such a way that you could never doubt the company’s future success, despite its prelaunch status. Mark has dedicated himself to teaching me how to build a business and a small empire, always on the end of the phone day or night – and I mean anytime, I still doubt if he’s even human with the minimal sleep he runs on!

And then at my first V-Pro event, I met Phil with his emotional balance, constant communication and the way he challenges my thought processing and my ideology of the world and it’s people essentially reminding me of who I really am without ever telling me he was doing so has kept me grounded through some personally tough times.

In the few month’s working with these guys on a very casual basis, their varied specialised areas helped me not only professionally but personally.

To date, my team is 40+ and growing substantially on a daily basis and with people from all walks of life. I have network professionals, businessmen, football players, football clubs, assorted fundraising clubs & associations near and far, and the best part is they are such a great bunch of people!

The part I love the most is not only have I kicked off my environmental mission with people of such calibre but with a years worth of having my power supplied by Viridian I will have personally helped do the equivalent of 10 years worth of recycling or taking 56 cars off the road per annum (it gives me great satisfaction telling my son this) all whilst still paying the same rate. Oh and now I also get paid on my power usage.


If you would like to join me on my mission please contact me or view my website at:


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