Tracking the Rabbit

Where’s the Rabbit?

Haha being a free spirit I do enjoy spending my time within various new places/establishments or even revisiting old ones.

I believe we are all here for a good time not a long one so make the most of every opportunity to live as freely and happily as possible, eat the cake, drink the beer, go on that holiday, tell him you love him. Whatever! Live with absolutely no regrets. Because of my belief system – my mantra is ‘Live Laugh Love and Travel’.

Anything that gets’s me in the sunshine, taking the kid’s out somewhere new or just general adventuring… You will find me there! And more than likely, hear about it here 😊

Whilst I am soaking up the rays or blissfully enjoying new tastes, smells, music, hiking trails, kids playgrounds, fate’s, destinations, community/fundraising/charity event’s restaurants or my absolute favourite – Pubs! I take it all in and love to share my thought’s on my new experiences.

With this being said if you have or know of something coming up please feel free to contact me so I can come along and share with my connections in Who’s In the Rabbit Hole? 

Adventure is out there!